Please find the various services we offer below. Please contact us if you would like to find out more, request a quote, or to discuss your property and our services in more detail. 

Want to find out more, or discuss your property in more detail?

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Initial Quote

Quotes are provided free of charge. We can visit your property, or provide a quote from a floorplan. 


During a consultation we provide expert advice on what specific actions can be taken to highlight the property in the best possible light. We walk through the house together and discuss what changes would make the biggest impact to the marketability of the house. We may recommend alterations to paint, flooring, decluttering, furniture and furniture placement, gardening, colour suggestions, etc. We can also provide recommendations for sub-contractors who can undertake the work, or organise these on the seller’s behalf.

Cost: $250 per hour (inc GST).

Integrated Staging

During an integrated staging we style the house using your existing furnishings, or bring in additional pieces (furniture and/or décor) as required. We may change the furniture placement and decorative pieces to show off the house’s best features and potential. We ensure where possible that the photographer can capture the house well, which will draw more eligable buyers into your property. We will dress the bed, either using bedding we ask you to purchase, or in some instances bedding that goes over the top of yours. 

Cost depends on the size of the job, often it is a similar price to a full style, as it takes a lot more time to make an integrated style look good!

Please note that we will only undertake partial styling jobs if we have the time to do so.

Full Staging

A full stage is where we provide all furniture and furnishings for an empty house. Having the ability to curate a specific look to a specific property ensures the maximum result for your property, and the highest return on investment. 

Prices vary depending on the property – We’re happy to quote from a floor plan.

Interior Styling - Style to Stay

Not selling but need some design help?

We now offer interior styling. We can help you sort out a problem area, provide advice on colour selection, furniture selection, or layout.

We can provide moodboards, purchase furniture for you, recommend trades, and advise on furnishings, such as flooring, window treatments, etc. 


1. Contact

You (or your agent) contact us. Phone, email, DM, text or Morse code all welcome

2. Quote

We quote (in person or via floorplan), and book a tentative date

3. Lock it in!

You accept the quote, digitally sign the contract and pay your deposit, which firms up your date (if dates aren’t locked in yet, that’s fine- we’re flexible)

4. Styling!

We style – which takes half a day to a full day, depending on the property. We organise access with your agent. 

5. Campaign

Your agent organises photography, shoots the property, it generates a frenzy at open homes, sells for squillions of dollars

6. Pack up

We organise access with your agent, and then pack up (which should only take 30 mins – a few hours max).

You marvel at how easy it all was!