Why Style?

– Well styled houses get more potential buyers through the door. More interest means more competing parties. More competing parties means….

– Styled houses sell for more money than un-styled houses (caveat: they have to be well styled for the target market! Not all styling appeals to all buyers)

– Styled houses sell faster

– Styled houses are easier for the vendor (you don’t have to do all the last minute presentation, leave that to the experts- us! We love the fast-paced last minute chaos).

“Using ‘home staging’ ensures that you have given yourself the best possible chance of achieving the highest possible sale price at the shortest possible time.”

Naomi Findlay

International Institute of Home Staging

About us

Staged By Flynn (est 2018) is a company that knows what sells houses. We don’t just make them look good, we make them WORK SO DAMNED HARD THAT your buyer CANNOT buy another house. This creates desire. Desire sells. And for more money.

How do we know the market? Easy. We know Canberrans. Flynn is a born and bred Ken Behren (ok, that might be lame in some circles, but in the Canberra Real Estate market it’s not lame, IT’S USEFUL! Canberra Bubble, BRING IT). Our lovely stylists may be international jetsetters (ok, they moved from England and Canada respectively, but you get the gist), but they have raised their families here and are now TRUE Canberrans. Bubble and all. 

We style properties to fit the target market. That means that we will very rarely (OK, never) suggest Hamptons – as, in case you missed it, Canberra is not on the beach (and no, Black Mountain Peninsula doesn’t count). Save your Hamptons interiors for your Broulee beach homes, thankyouverymuch.

We have a number of styles that work well in Canberra homes. We have bougie contemporary, eclectic, midcentury, scandi, general contemporary, industrial, and basically anything that looks good in photos and elevates the average Canberra ex-govie. You can request a certain style, but if we don’t think that your target market will be drawn to that style we will tell you so. After all, it’s no longer your home, but your biggest asset. Treat it that way. Remove the emotion. (And then use the lotsofextradollars you sold your home for get us in to style your new place with exactly the style you wanted and then you can live in it forever! Simples!)

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