Home staging & Property Styling By Flynn

Did you know that only 5% of people can visualise the potential of a space. That means that 95% of people will take a house at face value (which explains why a few years ago, my partner refused to let us buy a gorgeous home in Downer that had pink walls. Sigh.).

This is where home staging (or property styling) comes in.

Home staging (or property styling) is the process of preparing a house to receive its maximum market value. It is not simply making it look ‘pretty’, but rather a science that highlights the best features of the house, and diminishes the worst. It ensures the photographs get more potential buyers through the door.

“Using ‘home staging’ ensures that you have given yourself the best possible chance of achieving the highest possible sale price at the shortest possible time.” Naomi Findlay

International Institute of Home Staging

Australia is yet to have a large sample size to generate significant statistics. However, data collected from a leading home staging company shows that in 2015:

  • The average investment in home staging was between 0.4 – 0.75% of the estimated property value.
  • A staged property yielded an average increase in sale price of 10% with a reported maximum increase of 15%.
  • On average, every $1 invested in property staging returns $20.

So it’s a pretty good return on investment, if you ask me.

AND it makes it easier for you, the seller.

I know how busy our lives are. (Trust me, I have 3 young children). Using a good home stager can make your job easier, and you can choose to do as much or as little of the preparation as you like. I can manage all aspects of preparing the home for sale, including decluttering, gardening, cleaning, painting and general maintenance issues. I have good contacts who are reliable and good quality.

I also work with sellers who are abroad and don’t have the ability to ‘pop in’ to their property. I can provide extra services such as fresh flowers and fruit on inspection days, and water the garden, etc. Working for DFAT and AusAID for over ten years gave me a unique insight into the difficulties of coordinating services from afar.

Home staging is gaining in popularity in Canberra, and the houses that aren’t styled for sale are taking longer to sell and are selling for less money.

About Me

Hello, I am Flynn Dovey, and I own Staged by Flynn.

I make it as easy as possible for you to prepare and sell your home, for its maximum market potential.

I am a born and bred Canberran and I know the local real estate market inside out. I have written about interior design for various online magazines, started the popular Interior Design Forum Australia, and have lived and breathed design since I was born. I also worked for the public service for 11 years, (see, I really am, well and truly, a Canberran!) This provided me with strong project management and communication skills, and a strong understanding of the time constraints placed upon Canberra families.

I have a strong interest in sustainability, and where possible I source products ethically. This means that I trawl Gumtree, eBay, and Tiny’s Green Shed for a beautiful piece which can be carefully curated to ensure a high quality result. I also try and source new items from local designers, or retailers who have a proven track record of paying workers a living wage and sourcing materials sustainably. However, this is not always possible to guarantee, and I aim to source 80% of my products ethically.